About The Hosts

Anna and Bonnie are a mother-daughter duo who have known each other for Anna’s whole life. They are always looking for another excuse to get together on a regular basis, drink some wine, and talk about how weird brains are. So they decided to record themselves doing all that and put it on the internet.

Bonnie is the mom of the pair. She's had a very full life résumé, including being a third-degree black belt and teaching everything from kindergarten to high school. She's also been a radio personality, which Anna is really banking on to keep this podcast afloat.

Anna is the daughter of the duo. She started her undergrad career as an art major, and she actually did finish college with an art degree, but her main deal was psychology. She still likes art as a hobby, though. Also nerdy things like D&D and video games.

When Anna went to grad school for counseling, Bonnie decided to go along for the ride, and that was a very good thing, considering that neither of them would have survived grad school without the other. Now they're both working as practicing counselors, and they're full time best friends to each other.

About the Show

Freudian Sips is a podcast about brains, beverages, and other B.S. This is an independent podcast with a new episode releasing each week, hopefully on Monday nights, if Anna can get the editing done on time. We're using it as a platform to talk about the weird and wonderful of our brains, so our episodes will usually be serious psychology conversation liberally sprinkled with (hopefully) funny jokes and goofs. We're also using this as a reason to drink wine while we talk, so yes, there will be talk of wine and other adult beverages, and there will also probably be some cursing. So, probably NSFW. Our theme music is “Sweeter Vermouth” by Kevin MacLeod, whose work you can find here.